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 Nov 25 2014  
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 by judgmentday on: Jun 25 2008
Score 50%

i dont understand how to install the themes, i have changed the CFG file to a BAT file but thats it

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 Re: themes

 by KebertXela on: Jul 3 2008
Score 50%

Did you try using ObConf?

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 Re: Re: themes

 by judgmentday on: Jul 4 2008
Score 50%

how do i get obconf??

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 Re: Re: Re: themes

 by judgmentday on: Jul 4 2008
Score 50%

ok i got obconf but its just a file how do i actualy install it ??

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 Re: Re: Re: Re: themes

 by thuban on: Dec 27 2008
Score 50%

You want to install an openbox theme, that's it? run obconf, and select "install a new theme", and chose the .obt file you have (not a .bat o_O)
If it is not a .obt, extract the archive in your /home/USER/.themes folder, then run obconf, and chose the matching theme!

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 Re: Re: themes

 by vipchenyingsoft on: Jan 15 2014
Score 50%

As a Shoulder-Mount AVCHD Camcorder, Panasonic AG-AC7 is a highly affordable Full HD camera that enables a professional style of operation. The AC7 records AVCHD MTS to high-capacity SD/SDHC/SDXC cards. Easy for completing both SD and HD projects, the AG-AC7 camera features AVCHD recording at 1920 x 1080 and 720 x 480, both at 60i. So here comes the problem. How to convert AG-AC7 MTS to FCE without horizontal lines?

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Useful guides

Import/Edit Panasonic HDC-TM700 AVCHD MTS to FCE4

Convert/Edit 1080/60P AVCHD MTS Files on Mac

Play Panasonic HDC-SD60 1080i MTS to MOV on Mac without Interlacing Issue

Deinterlace/Upload Panasonic HDC-SD601080i MTS to YouTube/Vimeo

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 by kkl on: Mar 24 2009
Score 50%

How to you use custom themes for FVWM? Where should I extract to?

I managed to get a theme to start up but half the stuff didn't work or look great. I extracted the bz2 to my home directory and then copied the new config to /usr/share/fvwm-crystal/fvwm which is where my current config is (I guess).

Anyone know of a howto guide?

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 by DoReMi on: Feb 22 2014
Score 50%
FVWM-Crystal , AlsaPlayer
Dominique Michel 2

FVWM-Crystal, AlsaPlayer
Switzerland, Lausanne
Last visit Feb 22 2014
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You have a README and an INSTALL file into the sources that will tell you the dependencies and the install procedure.

Please, don't just copy the files because it is a Makefile that adjust some internal paths during the installation. The correct way to install fvwm-crystal is by running:

make install


make prefix=/usr install

The first command will install it in /usr/local, the second one in /usr. Run only one of them.

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 new to openbox

 by gilbot on: Feb 6 2011
Score 50%

Hello all,

I am new to openbox, been using it for only a day and i like it better than GNOME and KDE.

Anyway my question is what in the heck is that ugly looking default box on my desktop that lists Cpu usage, RAM, Uptime ect, and how do i change it? i see a ton of screenshots of other peoples desktops and they have changed the look and feel of that ugly box.

Thank you

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 Theme installation

 by Epaminond on: Jul 9 2011
Score 50%

Hi! I use LXDE and i tried to install several themes. The problem is that all of them look differently from what I see on a screenshots.

For example, when installing SlimOne theme (both an openbox and gtk theme) I get strange buttons, that differ from ones I expected:

Also tried Turquoise Nights Ob theme, but it also doesn't look as expected.

Can I please get an advice? Should I install themes in a way, that differs from one explayned in OB wiki?

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